What is workflow collaboration?

Workflow collaboration occurs when you break down the cross-departmental silos in your organization and rebuild processes so that the right information gets to the right person at the right time.

Financial departments function very well when they are the only area involved in a specific process. Include two or more departments, however, and the overall process tends to get bogged down because of missing or unclear information, a lack of prioritization, and poor inter- departmental communication. In a corporate environment, this is a significant issue, because there are very few – if any – processes that only require the participation of a single department.

Workflow collaboration fills in the gaps between departments, allowing you to break down silos, and improve processes that cross departmental lines. This saves time and money, while increasing both patient and staff satisfaction.

The key to enabling workflow collaboration is TAOS’s ability to build predictability into the system. There are certain processes in the hospital that should take the same amount of time, no matter who is responsible for them. TAOS can automate these processes to give you the predictability you need to make your organization run smoothly.

How we can help

In a globalized corporate environment, members of an organization may be separated by regional and national borders. An effective collaboration system allows teams to work together seamlessly regardless of physical distance. In many cases, it eliminates the need for business travel.

By using integrated software and applications, businesses are able to automate manual tasks, reduce human error and eliminate duplication. This is called process automation. For example, teams can share information and manage tasks on a SharePoint workflow. They can update company documents while maintaining transparency. Ultimately, this allows a business to increase productivity while cutting down on expenses.

TAOS helps organizations become more efficient through the design, implementation and management of enterprise content management systems, collaboration technologies, workflow tools and business process modeling systems. From Web portals to advanced communications technologies, we guide clients through the discovery of their organizations’ knowledge flow, the resolution of process inefficiencies and the combination of process reengineering, information design and technical implementation that drives productivity, innovation and efficiency.