Why Consider Nearshore?

In a world of ever changing technology and limited budgets, many companies have turned to staff augmentation to fill the gaps in their workforce, survive the weakened economy and maintain a competitive edge.

Even if you already have experience managing remote development teams, or if this would be your first time experimenting with nearshore outsourcing, we can help you define the best management and sourcing model to better suit your needs, through the right combination of onsite and nearshore resources. Take advantage of our capabilities and years of proven experience in this business model.

ConnectionPoint provides outsourcing solutions with experienced bilingual teams whose services are provided with onsite management teams and a software development team located in Brazil. Our nearshore model allows your internal and outsourced development teams to interact in real-time for superior and faster quality control, and travel to each other in less time, for less money than you would experience with an offshore provider.

A typical staff augmentation engagement will include a onsite technical lead and a team of selected software engineers in Brazil. The technical lead is there to manage communication overhead and technical direction to the software engineers. The technical lead will work directly with the client team leader(s) and the other client developers can plug in to scrum teams in the U.S., if necessary.

Staff augmentation with ConnectionPoint is an enormously cost-effective way to scale teams as needed while keeping a base of domain expertise intact. Engagements of this kind are very productive and cost-effective with no negative effect on the local team.

Our convenient timezone, cultural affinity and education are just a few key elements of our advantages as a recognized nearshore outsourcing provider.

  • Geographic proximity with lower travel expenses
  • Time zone proximity
  • Cultural Affinity
  • Top-tier talent
  • Close to zero-attrition
  • Lower political risk
  • Staff with excellent oral and written English
  • Competitive rates
  • Certified world-class consultants