Staff Augmentation

Cut the cost and get high return on investment is the known business strategy for most companies. A dedicated nearshore software development team is the best approach for clients that have projects that are critical in time, scope, technical or intellectual property considerations. Our nearshore IT staffing service is the right answer for all your software development needs. Our IT staff augmentation service provides high skilled, cost effective and quality resources across various domains based on your needs. You will have access to our vast resource pool having full control over them. You can tap into our diverse pool of programmers, DBAs, architects, QA engineers, team leads and project managers to find the right fit for your team.

With the current technologies and latest trends, enterprises have constant need of talented technical professionals who are expert and competent enough to grow the business. We are a leading provider of nearshore technical IT staffing solutions. We have experienced IT professionals who have already proven their expertise in all areas of technical development. We select the right people with good communication skills for your needs after screening and interviewing them, and who can serve customized solutions based on your needs.

Our professionals are certified in respective technologies and have in depth and up to the date knowledge in information technology, by which they achieve excellence. With every minute a new technological development is taking place and it is essential for an IT professional to stay with the time in order to grab knowledge in the new technical development and changes that take place in the IT sector time to time.

We think about your requirements and objectives to serve you the best IT staffing service to meet your business goals. Whether it is for short term or long term, we can supply skilled and dedicated nearshore IT resources who can work for you. You can rest assured about the quality and reliability of our professional services and the security of your project’s IP rights.

  • The existing IT staff in the organization benefit a lot from the expertise and guidance provided by our professionals and increase their knowledge base.
  • The client does not have to incur unnecessary training costs.
  • A lot of employment related and payroll costs are reduced leading to a profitable balance sheet and competitive business edge.
  • Resources can be moved around on demand
  • The client can concentrate on their core business and divert their internal resources to the customer-centric business while we take care of all their software development needs.

  • Our staff is available for projects ranging from short-term to long term and can work on site or off site depending on the client needs. TAOS takes into consideration the client needs and study their project and provide them with the best suited and experienced professionals in that particular field. We help them save time and money by taking care of their IT needs in keeping with the changing market demands and in order to meet them.

    To sum it up, we augment your staffing needs by providing end-to end support in the project right from planning to designing to development and post –project support. Our Consultants also carry the distinction of having worked in various industry verticals such as: Banking & Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, Retail, Automotive and Energy.