SharePoint Deployment Planning Services

Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server can help people across your organization to work together and be productive by connecting with the information they need when they need it. TAOS offers and recommends Microsoft SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) that allow you to use your Microsoft Software Assurance for volume licensing benefits to offset the cost of your SharePoint Server deployment planning and start reaping these benefits immediately.

SDPS is one of several service types available to organizations with a Microsoft Volume Licensing agreement through the Software Assurance Packaged Services benefit. TAOS provides a dedicated team of certified SDPS consultants who develop solutions for portal management, collaboration, enterprise search, and enterprise content management. SDPS engagements include one to 15 days of deployment planning services based on the number of Packaged Services days you have available. SDPS introduces advanced SharePoint practices, processes, and tools while providing deployment planning services based on your unique needs to help you create an efficient and productive SharePoint environment.

How it Works

TAOS will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan for a more secure, efficient, and productive SharePoint environment. SharePoint Deployment Planning Services help lower the risk and cost of planning your deployment by using Microsoft SharePoint deployment best practices.

  • Step 1 - Contact TAOS to create an SDPS voucher
  • Step 2 - Complete a pre-engagement questionnaire
  • Step 3 - Participate in a series of focused strategy and technical sessions

Deployment Strategy: Defined

SharePoint Deployment Planning Services provide your company with a collaborative consulting engagement based on best practices from Microsoft. TAOS will work with you to create a roadmap for transforming your SharePoint environment.

TAOS provides you with the highest levels of technical expertise, hands-on skills, and strategic problem solving for SharePoint Server deployment. With our broad range of skills, vendor affiliations and real-world perspectives, we can help you prioritize and effectively deliver your SharePoint solutions. TAOS is a specialist IT services and solution provider that helps clients plan, procure, build, support and manage their IT infrastructures and unlock opportunities for business growth and advancement.

Following the SDPS engagement, you will be equipped to execute your deployment plan based on a post-engagement summary that outlines recommendations by our consultants or TAOS can implement the deployment plan for your organization. This customized SharePoint Deployment Plan addresses the specific business and technical considerations identified during the engagement. It also provides a detailed outline of how your organization can deploy the solution.

Depending on the engagement length, your SharePoint roadmap can include:
  • A strategy briefing that defines the vision for achieving technical and business goals
  • An architectural design session that introduces SharePoint technologies, solutions, and concepts
  • A deployment planning session for a specific SharePoint capability (collaboration, portal management, content management, or search)
  • A proof of concept session to demonstrate the solution within your environment