Software Testing

40% of overall software application development costs is a direct impact of quality, and it assumes a lot of significance. ConnectionPoint helps organizations remove defects early in the software development life cycle, thereby reducing re-working costs and reducing costs associated with removing defects in the production environment.

ConnectionPoint’s software testing & quality assurance services ensure quality of your software, which enhances your business decisions and allows you to serve your clients better. ConnectionPoint is committed to providing you exceptional software test consulting & quality assurance services, whether the engagement is supplementing your in-house staff; acting as an extension of your IT team or taking complete ownership of your software QA testing team.

ConnectionPoint offers a combination of consulting and outsourcing services and is structured towards ensuring that the business outcome meet time, cost and quality targets.

Testing Features Include:

  • A readily available testing team that can be utilized on a need basis
  • 30% savings on hardware and application re-working costs
  • Flexibility to scale up and down your testing resources in accordance to your release cycles.
  • Structuring an organized testing process that encompasses the entire development life cycle and one that aligned with the development process
  • Avoidance of developers/managers performing tester roles during work spikes

    Why ConnectionPoint?

  • Delivery Confidence – increased test coverage, increased reliability and reduced failure
  • Reduced Cost and Time – 80% reduction in time and 30% reduction in costs over extended periods of automation
  • Strong Technology Expertise – Experience and expertise in a variety of test management tools and test automation tools; experience in developing scripts and automation frameworks<
  • Strategic Near Door Engagement – Collaboration across the table increases the probability of project success
  • Accelerated Process Adoption – SEI CMMi Level 5 processes and flexibility to adhere to customer processes reduce risk and cost of execution
  • Value Relationship – Transparent and flexible engagement models including low-risk pilots
  • Our Testing Services

    Functional Testing

    The cost of remediating software defects in the production environment increases the overall software development costs, and this means that defect removal has to be prioritized. ConnectionPoint helps organizations increase their delivery confidence by validating and verifying business needs along with testing the software.

    ConnectionPoint’s proven processes and efficient methodology ensure the quality of your software applications while minimizing the overall application development costs. Our functional testing services include the entire cycle of testing, which covers test consulting, development, execution and reporting. The below diagram represents the different phases of our functional testing approach:


    Performance Testing

    Performance issues identified after software launch involves costly remedial work. Users refuse to tolerate a second rate software and demand a quality product. Performance testing and engineering ensures the optimal performance of your application for users.

    ConnectionPoint specializes in performance testing, which focuses on addressing various scalability and performance issues of software and its IT infrastructure. Guided by knowledge of the development life cycle, performance engineering expertise and technical expertise, ConnectionPoint helps its customers deploy highly robust, scalable, and interoperable software. ConnectionPoint’s performance testing approach can be represented thus:

    ConnectionPoint’s Performance Testing Services include:

  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Load Testing, Stress Testing and Performance Testing
  • Performance testing at different layers including network, middleware and application layers
  • Performance Tuning Services
  • Performance management such as CPU and memory, response times, system outage, input/output, infrastructure and network bandwidth

    Automation Testing

    Automation of manual efforts can result in positive return on investment and at the same time will improve the delivery confidence of the software. Ivesia partners with its customers to automate their software testing and improve the quality of their delivery while decreasing long-term costs substantially.
    ConnectionPoint considers a number of parameters for automation testing that include:

  • Maturity of the software;
  • Number of regression test cases;
  • Percentage of test cases that can be automated;
  • Number of releases expected in a year;
  • Number of regressions for every release;
  • Appropriate automation tool;
  • Ability and skills of resources to do script development;
  • Cost of the tool and the roadmap for the software.

  • ConnectionPoint provides a comprehensive automation solution for the quality assurance (QA) needs of any ISV. The below diagram represents the different phases of our automation testing approach: