Nearshore Saving Solutions

ConnectionPoint offers hassle-free and reliable Nearshore IT staff augmentation services from our office in Curitiba, Brazil. When it comes to setting up a Nearshore team we believe in the ideal equation; productivity of the Nearshore team equal to that of an internal or Onshore team. Also the efforts consumed in setting up and maintaining this Nearshore team must be minimal alongside the prime benefit of cost saving.

Our IT staff augmentation services can address your special and seasonal demands and help you minimize the cost involved in hiring permanent employees. We provide you qualified and experienced personnel suitable for your requirements, who will work exclusively for you from our offices.

This Nearshore team is set up with an unmatched combination of resources, highly skilled individuals, and an advanced infrastructure. We provide you a direct and uninterrupted access to these resources to assign tasks and to streamline the resources to suit your processes and reporting methodologies. To ensure optimal productivity we take care of managing the development process by looking after the entire team.

Largely companies who wish to outsource the process of IT staff augmentation have their concerns over the functional ability/productivity of the teams or individuals deployed. We address this concern with a well-structured recruitment process delineated by experienced recruiters and IT professionals.

We implement a comprehensive screening process which begins with sourcing prospects from our own robust database, networks and from other relevant sources, short list them using stringent selection procedures and at the end carry out necessary background checks, from the previous employer and character reference check, etc to validate critical information cited by the candidate.